Impulses for the best personal and entrepreneurial performance possible – Use of mental resources

What can be taken for granted in sports has not been taken into account yet if it comes to economic matters. In this presentation you will learn how to peak yourself and your team with mental techniques!

Mental strength is one of the most crucial requirements for best performance in top-class sport. Just as the most successful athletes, more and more chairmen and executives put mental techniques on the agenda to master career-related challenges. We aim at optimizing our personal performance in a purposeful way and to stay healthy in the long term.

Target group

Everyone who wants to enter the world of mental training and who believes that win or loss are a matter of our way of thinking as well as everyone who wants to become mentally stronger.


What’s the secret of the success of Olympia-, World and European Championship winners and what are the mental strategies used by people who go beyond themselves? Antje Heimsoeth provides all kinds of national and international companies with her many years of experience in business. In her workshop she tells about co-operation between top athletes, coaches, managers and companies and bridges the gap between top-class sport and daily life. Benefit from concrete examples for your daily business!

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