Success is fuelled by enthusiasm. The vital spark which ideally leads to a wildfire inside your employee’s hearts can only be ignited by he who created the fire. In other words: What you wish to kindle in others must burn within yourself [attributed to Augustine of Hippo]. The former international goalkeeper Oliver Kahn says: “Motivation is what keeps the fire inside you burning. And like a real fire you have to keep an eye on it and make sure that it keeps on burning.” (by Oliver Kahn (2010). Du packst es! Wie du schaffst, was du willst. Pendo, München).

Don’t be tempted to lean back and relax, the fire can quickly turn to dust. Success requires further development because nothing stays as it is. In this case leaders are just like top trainers in sports in demand in many ways: They have to give new impulses for their team, show passion for their tasks and always have to be a role model. Many executives underestimate how strongly their own attitude influences their employee’s performance. Where there is no fire, neither are there sparks!

The presentation “Motivation” gives insights into the strategies and secrets of success of top-class sport which can be adapted meaningfully by the world of economy. Therefore Antje Heimsoeth as mental coach of well-known individuals in top-class sport, business and politics shows statements of top-ranking athletes and companies by way of example which make the above mentioned techniques descriptive and comprehensible. Each and every motivational- and winning strategy is based on scientific evidence, practice-approved, clearly understandable and can be adopted effectively and instantly in everyday professional life. Recent findings from brain research also have some influence on Antje Heimsoeth’s presentation.

Enthusiasm is the fertiliser which makes it possible to excel yourself, to be open minded and focussed. In this presentation you will learn how to sow sparks and harvest fire.

Learning impulses

  • Self-motivation, self-management
  • Stable motivation comes from within
  • Motivational techniques for your daily life
  • Fun and delight as factor of success
  • Do I believe in myself?
  • The role of tribute and appreciation

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  • Strengthen strengths
  • It is the attitude that matters – How to build up a positive attitude
  • Doubt your belief systems, not yourself
  • Encouragement by your environment
  • How to cope with defeats and setbacks: Fall over, get up, brush yourself down and carry on with your head held high!
  • And many more …

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