As an expert for mental strength and self-guidance Antje Heimsoeth knows the secrets of highly successful top-athletes, businessmen and top-managers. They are all on the top rung, not only in their profession but also physically and mentally. However you can hardly call this a secret really, since everybody and anybody can experience sensationally effective mental strategies themselves; it’s a tried and tested method. Movement will be a fundamental factor of her presentation “Mental Health”; simply by listening you will sense a paradigm shift – and the speaker wouldn’t be one of the most successful mental coaches if one of her key goals wasn’t to have an immediate impact on the audience.

Healthy mind – healthy body. Nowadays many people long for another, sustainable and integral approach to health which is more than the absence of disease. This topic becomes more and more present, especially in professional life where performance and quality of work depend on the emotional, mental and physical health of each individual. This triumvirate is the basis of a good quality of living in private life.

Gather new ideas and look forward to fascinating contents as:

  • My personal hit film – Be the director of your life!
  • Get on with mental cinema
  • My goals, health-goals; values
  • Secondary gains of illness
  • Mondays dull, Fridays happy? – It’s the attitude which counts
  • Relaxation and activity in balance
  • Reducing stress – effective techniques from start to finish. Starting from scratch with getting away from it all after work right through to time and satisfaction despite huge burden.
  • Self-confidence – fun – social contacts
  • Exercises – nutrition – mental
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