“Consciousness creates reality” (Buddha)

He who thinks, leads. Really? The place our thinking leads us might differ from the one we were originally aiming at. Our attitude – source of our acting, thinking and of our feelings – plays an important role if it comes to reaching goals. It is the compass, which determines your way and the way of your employees. Therefore self guidance is a leader’s most important trait. Self-confidence, self-assurance, self-motivation, mental and emotional strength, diligence, courage, discipline and a good self-management are key factors for success – not only in business.

Mental training aims at: Building up mental and emotional strength to recall full achievement potential anytime – even against all odds. It does not only strengthen your own potential but also your quality of life and trains body perception and self-awareness for yourself and others. This presentation teaches how to reach motivation, clarity, focus on your goals and reach concentration through mental techniques. In addition to that you will learn how to defeat stress and anxiety and finally how to find relaxation and regeneration. Whilst teaching you all of that, the motivational coach shows links to top-class sport, cites top-ranking athletes as well as experts and leadership personalities who have given her a view in their self-management. Concrete mental exercises, tips and practical examples ensure direct implementation possibilities for all participants.


  • You are what you think you are: You mind’s power
  • Motivation – What is it deep down, that really drives you?
  • Visualisation: The power of inner images
  • Leadership based on strengths
  • How to cope with failure
  • It’s the attitude which counts
  • Change is a matter of mindset
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Antje Heimsoeth - Chefsache Kopf

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