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I was so impressed that you called a spade a spade. You’re right to say that you can’t inspire people to be motivated, I can only agree with that, but I find your energy and your way of speaking hugely motivating. Your success speaks for itself.

The prologue to her career as one of the best mental coaches in the German-speaking world is quite simple to tell: following her studies of Geodesy at the TU Munich and then the University of Applied Sciences, Heimsoeth worked for 13 years as a surveyor and manager. This was followed by a number of different coaching and mental trainings and her first successes as a mental coach and motivation trainer. She began her career as a coach and founded the institute SportNLPAcademy & Leadership Academy in 2003.

Antje Heimsoeth is one of the best-known mental coaches and public speakers in the German-speaking world. Her international experience with clients including adidas, BMW Group, AIDA, Axis Communications GmbH, Lufthansa Technik AG, Tecan Trading AG, Volksbanken, verschiedene Sparkassen, HypoVereinsbank UniCredit, CarGarantie, msg services ag, Otto Group, ABC Breast Care GmbH as well as international athletes, Olympic gold medal winners, teams and international coaches has made her a sought-after keynote speaker with a mental Olympic factor: Go for gold!

An entrepreneur, bestselling author and university lecturer, Heimsoeth is an international expert in mental strength, motivation and self-control. She is delighted to travel the world to give her presentations in countries including China, Nepal, India, the USA and Russia, as well as all across the German-speaking world.

She is an accredited professional member of the German Speakers Association (GSA) and a member of the Premium Speakers of Switzerland and one of the top 100 speakers in the German-speaking world. She was recognized as “Female Speaker of the Year 2014” and is nominated as a Role Model Entrepreneur for 2015.

Antje Heimsoeth regularly publishes articles on the topics mental strength, motivation, healthy leadership, leadership and mental health in industry and mass-media publications including the FAZ 34, 28 Feb 2015, Focus Online,, Bild (Print), HotelMOSAIK, Women´s Health, “Markt und Mittelstand,” AktivSteuern, Personal im Fokus, Wissen + Karriere, BRIGITTE, neue woche, and Wirtschaftswoche.

Antje Heimsoeth’s articles in well-regarded publications underline her expertise. She is also a regular expert guest on radio and television, with appearances on radio stations including Sport1, Deutschlandfunk, Donau 3fm, BR und ManagementRadio and television stations including RFO, Hamburg1 and Sky.

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Antje Heimsoeth - Chefsache Kopf - Mit mentaler und emotionaler Stärke zu mehr Führungskompetenz

Mit mentaler und emotionaler Stärke zu mehr Führungskompetenz


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