Antje Heimsoeth – Frequently asked questions concerning Keynote Speeches

How can we imagine Antje Heimsoeth as a speaker?

Antje Heimsoeth conveys her extensive expert knowledge and experience in a hands-on way. Scientifically well-founded, with a sense of humour, friendly and open, a clear view for details which make the difference as well as emotions. Her concern: the sustainable transfer of knowledge and setting impulses for your future. Numerous feedback messages confirm that!

Where can we get an idea of her work? (links, videos…)

Experiencing Antje Heimsoeth live prior to your booking is possible by means of her DVDs (live recordings of presentations are available on request, see contact) or on YouTube.

She is the author of books which provide a well-founded entry to the topics of mental training: Shop

Press articles at Press

Clients’ Voices to be found at Client Voices

Who are the seminars of Antje Heimsoeth addressed at?

Antje Heimsoeth is able to address all occupational groups, covering all branches – in accordance with the individual wishes of the clients. Starting with trainees up to a top executives, professors and teachers, sales and marketing staff, sports people as well as private people, children as well as pensioners. She also talks in front of school classes as from the 5th form.

How long does such a presentation take?

A lot of varieties are possible: 20, 45, 60, 90 or 120 minutes. In the end the duration of the presentation depends on the demands of the individual client.

Can several presentations take place on the same day?

In principal yes, but not as a rule. It is only possible after prior discussion. Each presentation is charged separately.

In front of how many people does she speak?

There is no actual limit – there could be e.g. 300 or 3000 people in the audience.

Is the speaker fee less in case of a shorter presentation duration?

No. The duration is independent of the remuneration fee for the speaker.
Note: The contents of the presentations depend on the wishes and requirements of the clients and will be „tailormade“ for them.

How does Antje Heimsoeth prepare herself for a presentation; what does she need and how much time does she require for the set-up preparations?

As a rule Antje Heimsoeth arrives at the event location at least one hour beforehand. Beamer, sound system and headset already have to be available at the location and their functionality has to have been checked prior to that. The presentation room must have been completely set up and prepared at that point of time as well as the final seating arrangement and stage.

For an event with a tight schedule (e.g. congresses) details can be clarified in advance on the phone and optimized solutions for the preparation of a smooth run can be found.

Which technology should be available at the event location?

Clients receive a check list which contain all requirements concerning the event location. In essence these are as follows:

  • Beamer and screen
  • Good loudspeakers
  • Good sound equipment, also to be used for the microphone and laptop
  • A good headset as a speaker microphone
  • Hand microphone as a replacement
  • Seating

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What happens after the presentation? (discussions, presence…)

After prior discussion with the organizer Antje Heimsoeth could be present for subject-related questions and discussions subsequent to the presentation.

How can Antje Heimsoeth be booked as a personal coach?

Coachings can take place in Rosenheim, the home base of the Leadership Academy, or also locally at the client, i.e. at a location of his choice. Coaching engagements for teams, top executives, (top) athletes as well as private persons are also possible on a worldwide basis. The fee remains the same for engagements abroad; only travel expenses are added.

What can clients expect of Antje Heimsoeth ?

Well-founded expert knowledge, motivated and very participant-focussed presentations with sense and sensibility, clarity and courage, sometimes even deliberately provocative, serious minded and authentic.

We are glad to contact you for individual questions.
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