Detailed planning of an event with Antje Heimsoeth

The following equipment is brought along, i.e. made available by Antje Heimsoeth:

  • Laptop + relevant adapter cable
  • Sufficient books for selling

Check list – As a client/event organizer kindly provide the following equipment:


  • Beamer with a sufficiently long connector cable for the laptop
  • Screen for the transfer with the beamer (if possible, position the projector wall on the side or clearly above the head of Antje Heimsoeth)
  • Multiple socket outlet, if applicable extension cable (roll)
  • Flipchart with enough (checked) paper deposited on the side
  • Metaplan pinboard
  • Speaker’s desk or small table as a place to position the laptop
  • 2 tables (1 table for speaker utensils +1 table for products sales)
  • Antje Heimsoeth brings along her own laptop. A replacement laptop is desirable. In a case of emergency the data could be transferred via USB stick here.


  • Microphone equipment (depending on the size of the group as well as the acoustics, as from 50 people)
  • Clip-on microphone or headset; please no desk or hand microphone!


  • Amplifier equipment with sound access for the laptop (required for music and film sequences during the presentation)
  • If the implementation of the event is carried out without a loudspeaker, i.e. the provision is not possible, kindly let us know so that we can plan respectively.


Please inform us to which extent the room could be darkened. In that way an excellent illustration of the presentation could be guaranteed also in daylight.


Please send us a digital logo of your company or the event prior to the event so that we can integrate it into the presentation.

Live Recordings

Audio and video recordings are only permitted after prior discussion and agreement.

Speaking Time

According to our experience, some speakers reduce or extend their speaking times at events. If that is the case, a relevant shorter or longer speaking time of Antje Heimsoeth is possible on short notice.


For smaller groups, in connection with a shorter presentation/seminar duration, the following is well-proven:

  • use of name tags
  • no small tables, chair circles instead


  • For large groups, parliamentary-style seating is recommendable. In the middle two aisles and a crossway enable a better communication between the participants.
  • For smaller groups, a chair circle, no tables.

For Questions and Requests

Concerning the event, just give us a call: +49 (0) 8031 892969 or write an E-Mail!

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