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Executives of Volksbank eG Mosbach

Super, excellent. Many suggestions which can immediately be put into action.

Joachim Rieger

Ms Heimsoeth carries out her seminars with a strong focus on her participants and in a well-founded and competent way. With a clear view and sense Ms Heimsoeth is constantly present and available for every individual participant. Her demand of presenting as much knowledge as possible during the seminar days is motivating and inspiring and enabled me to take home at lot of new ideas in an entertaining way and made the long-forgotten come to my mind again. Conclusion: absolutely recommendable – added value exceeding the topic of sports.

Katharina Hofer

I have taken part in a Basic Coaching Seminar of Ms Meimsoeth from 29. June until 2. July 2012. Ms Heimsoeth has deeply impressed me by her enormous enthusiasm for the topic of coaching, her very distinct didactic abilities and of course her extremely high level of competence. She succeeded in providing me with a very good basis for starting a to work as a coach and she has encouraged me to initiate first steps by her openness and her valuable feedback. I would like to cordially thank her for that! I would like to recommend every participant to take part in such a seminar with Ms Heimsoeth, it is really worthwhile, privately as well as professionally!

Michaela Reitinger

Dear Antje, many thanks for your interesting speech on occasion of the Ladies Golfing Day on the golf course Pfaffing yesterday as well as for your wonderful and inspiring mental coaching for the golfing group. Your tips, suggestions and excercises are very helpful and have not only helped me with the 18 holes! It was a wonderful day and an exciting experience which I can really recommend to everybody!

Janine Haberland

Ms Antje Heimsoeth has created a really nice day for us. Her presentation was very interesting and the mental coaching was extremely successful. She focuses on every individual participant, takes her time and manages to put everybody under her spell in her easy-going and warm-hearted way. Many of her suggestions will be helpful for our working life in the future. We are already looking forward to the next time. Many, many thanks!!!

Silvia Ziolkowski

Superb presentation on occasion of the GSA Convention 2011: Authentic, charming, full of contents. I was able to internalize a lot. Thanks

Karl W. Hemmrich, Entrepreneur

For athletes, no matter which performance class, it is important to have mental strength. With Antje Heimsoeth as a trainer you don’t only have an engaged lecturer but also a former competitive athlete, who opens up her huge treasure chest of experience for her participants and lets them share the contents. A good investment as such for all the people who don’t only need mental strength in sports but also for daily life. (and who does not need that?)

Sabine Hermansdorfer

The ‘Coaching Seminar Basic’ was an enhancement ….I will definitely go on with it!!!!!!!

Erwin E.

Thank you Antje, for the competent support during the “Coaching Basic Seminar”. Those days were instructive and inspiring. The implementation of the theoretical knowledge by exercises and your well-founded feedback provides support for the integration of this contents. I am already looking forward to the next seminars with you.

Petra van Wickeren

Dear Antje, dear Charly, that was an ingenious week with the two of you! The combination of mental and technique training had a special touch. The two of you have found a very appreciative and participant-oriented form of presentation to address the individual learning potentials and to realize numerous positive experiences. By the training mix on the driving range and accompanying us on the course, the things which turned out to be difficult during practise as well as the things which happened on the “real” course, were being well-observed to then enable us to work in a targeted way on them. It is astonishing how my golfing and mental power changed starting with the first until the fifth round during that week. I feel well-prepared for the season and I’m sure that I will have even more fun with golfing in the future than I already had in the past. (Hey guys, that’ll be super!):) Cordial wishes to both of you from Petra

Werner Mahnhardt

Hallo Antje, half a year has gone by now after I participated in a Coaching Basis Seminar held by you and I just have to say that this was one of the best decisions I have made during the last years.
I have learnt a lot about myself with you, found out things I had never given a thought before and it can be said that I have clearly advanced with my personality development.
Also a few things have changed, e.g. that I will study International Management instead of Elementary Education, among others because I much more dare to handle a job in this field in comparison with last. I think that the week in Rosenheim has also contributed to this change.
To come to the point: I would like to thank you again for that and I can really recommend your seminars to everybody.
I wish you all the best for the future

Frank Derichsweiler

Dear Antje, in this way I would like to thank you once again for the very intensive, instructive and gripping golf-mental-seminar. Following the motto: “nothing is more practical than a good “theory” you have communicated your vast expert knowledge in an optimized effective way.
I was glad to find out that the focus was not on imparting uninspiring knowledge but to apply techniques and to reach ready to hand results as well as to personally experience the effect of these approaches.
It was especially apparent to me that I could not only get concrete help and tools concerning core topics but also to learn and apply many new approaches in assumed peripheral areas. The mixture of standard issues (what everybody who wants to apply mental techniques for playing golf should know”) and the support for all individual questions of the participants as well as fun and your empathy and passion have made these three days a successful package.
Not only because of your unusual idea to peg down the experience made, I’m already looking forward to improving my way of playing golf during the next outdoor season.
Best wishes Frank

Simone Gerwers

Thank you for the inspiring presentation at the GSA Convention and our talk 😉 Best wishes,

Dr. Thomas Zipp, Weber GmbH & Co. KG Kunststofftechnik + Formenbau, Owner & CEO

I would like to thank you once again for your super, enhancing golf-mental-course. Took home a lot – with HCP 54 and only 4 months of golfing practise. Especially: No (technique) thinking when striking the ball, roots from the feet to the geocentre, breathing in the stomach, striking in a lax and decisive way…I’ll stick to my topics, just for myself. I thank you especially for your personal tips. Your special way of communicating different points and to provide a hands-on approach is very good indeed. I am looking forward to your book “Golf Mental” and the cards.

Ralf Schindler

I was able to experience an instructive, practise-oriented week with Ms Heimsoeth, which has supported me in discovering my mental strengths and to apply them in my professional and private environment.
The varied seminar was characterized by changing blocks of self-reflection, the work in groups as well as presentations about the required theoretical background. Hereby she manifested her input by anonymized examples from her coaching practise, their spectrum for athletes, executives, recreational sports people and school kids.
She motivated me to come close to reaching my limits during the training in the high rope garden to transfer the experienced mental strength to working life after the exercise. When training with horses she pointed out the importance of mental strength and inner attitude. By means of her entertaining style of presentation, which clearly makes you feel her enthusiasm for the topic, time went by pretty fast.
I would like to wish Ms Heimsoeth lots of success for the future and hope to be able to soon enjoy one of your coachings again.

Bettina Ponsanu

Hello to everybody who is interested in mental training for riders & trainers, maybe especially, as it happened to me, if they are frightened when they go horse-riding. I would have just about done anything to get out of this vicious circle (for me it was like that). Then I discovered the book “Mental Training für Reiter” and decided to attend a seminar with Antje Heimsoeth in Rosenheim. I can really recommend it to everybody, really everybody. These three days have changed my life. If somebody has my problem of being scrared of riding – please get help from Antje!!!!

Simone Joos

Such inspirations for mindsets always bring back power, which sometimes has got lost. What’s the idiom again, the world is full of power, search for the people, animals and things which can give it to you. Your seminar and you, Antje, are a part of that. I’m looking forward to a new seminar with you.

Wolfram Himpel, Business Consultant

In the case of Ms Heimsoeth vocation coincides with profession. I have experienced you as a person with an unbelievably competent personality. Furthermore your professional appearance has deeply impressed me. I can, what I rarely do, recommend Ms Heimsoeth, in an unlimited way, as a coach and as a trainer.

Dietmar I., Sales Manager

…the handling of stress situations based on constant change processes in everyday life and the necessary difficult decisions belong to the biggest challenges management has and will have to face in the future. The danger of increasing over-challenging and a possible burnout situation by permanently increasing pressure demands preventative measures for coping with them. Antje Heimsoeth conveys mental techniques in an impressive manner and set excellent impulses to achieve high performance for herself and her team. The scientifically well-founded contents of her seminars and the energy-loaded and captivating disposition of Antje Heimsoeth are a real enrichment and a true must for all executive trainings.

Markus Köhler

Hello Antje, many thanks again for the last three days. It was very pleasant at Pfaffing and your suggestions, tips and new ideas were, as already reported, followed by a sleepless night and today a 77 at the tournament!!! 6 above PAR.
Have played three birdies and only needed 32 putts in total. Have integrated “easily into the hole” into my putting routine and also focus on this thought during my test swing and set my approach at it. And it works!!
Talking about the driver I thought about the roots and reached the fairway 12 times in that way. Here I thought about the Pre shot routine “lax and easy on the fairway”.

Added to that I kept on humming my current favourite song and talked to my flight partners. Will probably be sitting on the couch with in smile on my face and feeling happy about my new handicap of 8.1.
Many thanks again, will keep you informed and says loudly “Carry on that way”!! That’s the right way!! Best wishes, Markus
(4 days later) – I played the 76-hole round during the Wednesday tournament and further improved my handicap from 8.1 to 6.9. Until no. 14 I was still one under par. Unfortnately I lost a ball at no.14 and got an 8 on a PAR4. Before your seminar I would have become very nervous at that moment of time but I took a deep breath instead and thanked my little helper for the 13 previous holes and then carried on playing the last 4 holes in a relaxed mood.
Simply madness!!!! An improvement from 9,1 to 6,9 within 3 days!!!!
(Not even 2 weeks later) – Today the penny has dropped, I came to the golf course with a relaxed, easy-going and humming mind-set and shot a 69 during the Wednesday tournament.
After your seminar I have improved my score from 9,1 to 5,1 within 4 tournaments and it can just go on like that.
(no 6 weeks later) – The handicap development of this year really is a quantum leap and it’s your fault!
In the meantime I’ve reached 4,6 and I’ve reached my target of belonging to the top 10. Currently position 8 on the handicap list. Next target top 5, means handicap 4,2 and as the season has run so far, I think is it possible.

Best wishes, Markus

Maya Rätz

Thank you very much for the excellent workshop in Heidelberg! The topic as well as the presentation were my absolute highlights during this congress. I have mentioned the “Strengthen the strengths” several times when talking to my employer…but it has a lot more power when I can come up with a “famous” name.

Claudia Müller

The training with you to become a Sport-Mental-Coach Basic was the best I’ve done in my own advanced training as well as regarding the contents during that week!

Sven Claus, Project Manager Acer

The coaching training at the Sport- & BusinessNLPAcademy suited me very much right from the beginning. Antje Heimsoeth guarantees a very high level of competence and continuity in the field of training. Her special way to convey mostly very complex contents is unique. The structure of the contents is well-considered and conceptually designed, as many exercises and the experience involved are based on each other. The pleasant working atmosphere, the well-equipped seminar rooms and the professional equipment have enforced the professional impression I have gained.
I had heard about many topics beforehand but the connections have never been transmitted that clearly.

Herbert Windauer

I have met Antje Heimsoeth during my mental trainer qualification. Sie was the head of the special module sport. I perceived her expert knowledge and her enthusiasm as being very impressing. She is a human being with a very big heart and good character. I’m currently planning to attend another seminar in Rosenheim with Antje!

Larissa Anschütz, Graduate in Sports Science (Univ.)

Thank you very much. I would like to thank you again for the interesting seminar. I got a lot of new input for my work as a trainer there. The seminar was especially helpful for me talking about goal setting, no matter whether it concerns the training target of an individual training unit or the season planning as such. Furthermore the seminar has led me to reconsider my own basic attitude and I have become much more positive since then!

Martin Pauli

An intensive training to become a Sport Mental Coach Basic lies behind us now. I have not only learnt to successfully coach other people/athletes on their way to success. I have learnt a lot about myself, too. That is to think about values and to “feel” which particular values are the most important ones for me. I have also gained the self-confidence and the reliance to successfully work with people by the learnt contents.

Angelika Kirsch, soccer trainer, FCR Duisburg

During my many years of work as a soccer trainer I was able to train many male and female soccer players in a technical as well as tactical way in Duisburg and in performance-oriented clubs. During the course of time the wish has come up to also strengthen the athletes on a mental level. During my training to become a Sport-Mental-Coach-Basic I have realized that I have made the right choice.
This training provided me with varied insights into sport mental coaching. I was especially impressed by your detailed experience and your very high level of expert competence.
Fortunately I was able to apply a lot of contents of your train the trainer seminar in a professional as well as private way.

Dr. Wolfgang Mader, extreme athlete

I’ve been doing sports since I was eight years old, since I became sixteen competitive sports. I have covered the fields of athletics (sprint and long jump) via TaeKwonDo, soccer, skiing, ice hockey and running marathons and finally came to cycling. After the first 3 years, which were focussed on exploring the possibilities of my own abilities, inclinations, enthusiasm and target-oriented motivation, one thing became apparent: my voyage will take me to the world of ultra-marathon. Very soon one dream got hold of me and a dream turned into s concrete target: Race Across America Finisher 2012. Besides a precise, disciplined, professional and consequent physical training the true success of such an endeavour is above all to be found in the field of mental approach. I got familiar with finding out and applying the multitude of facets and means of application of these mental abilities during a one-week Sport-Mental-Coach-Basic training with Antje Heimsoeth. During that week my expectations were far exceeded and I will not only use this seminar and the training of the abilities for my sporty targets but also intensify them for other challenges of life.

Jutta Keller

I have finally managed to answer the questions for the certificate. During that process I have realized how much we have worked out together and how much material was involved with it. Many thanks for that again. I have received a lot of input in this course and I have already implemented some of my resolutions. Super how that still prevails.

Eberhard F.

Already quite a few days have gone by now since my basic training as a Sport Mental Coach and I’m still deeply impressed by the multitude of topics, which we could experience in the group thanks to you.
I have been working as a trainer and coach in the business segment, working all over Germany, for many years now and, therefore, I have a very critical look at any type and approach, the contents and especially the consequences of the implementation of the newly learnt of any advanced training.
The topics which you convey with a lot of dedication and passion are extremely gripping and hands-on. The media mix and the diversified “learning phases” (which were very intensive) in the group were really super. I was most impressed by the consequence for myself which you have created. Only after a few days went by and I had already implemented some of the issues and also achieved initial success. Antje, I would like to express my sincere thanks to you and wish you many new participants who are interested in super mental techniques, which everybody, no matter whether they are athletes or trainers can put immediately into practise in sports and partially also in their private lives. Please carry on that way!

Dr. Karin Aul, Golf Med Institut, Villach & Peter Peteln, Athletic Director

We are very glad that we have decided on a training to become an NLP Golf Mental Coach in your institute. The professionalism you work with is exemplary and has helped us very much to keep up the concentration and the good mood during the entire seminar. The contents was easy to understand and gave a clear overall picture at the end of the seminar.
With this kind of training one can be sure to have a solid basis for sport mental coaching. We could also personally benefit from that and will implement the learnt things in our everyday as well as professional lives. We are already looking forward to the Advanced Module!

Klaus Lippemeier, CPC Consulting Partner GmbH

I’ve returned to everyday life. I would like to use this opportunity to cordially thank you once again for many newly gained impressions and insights of that week. It becomes more and more obvious to me that I am on the right track. I currently have power, power, power, which maybe depends on the extensive daily programme? – FUN. I guess you have shown me so many resources again so that my daily routine seems easier to me to cope with. I have ‘anchored’ for myself “It is not enough to know it, you just have to do it”. Therefore, many thanks again for your authentic way to convey your knowledge.
Best wishes, Klaus
P.S. By the way, my golf is excellent nowadays, everything has suuuuuuuch a touch of ease.

Sabine Zelewski

About the seminar: I actually had no real idea of what was expecting me and what could happen during the training. Tackled the matter without any concrete ideas and was the more excited at the end! First of all I was positively surprised what you can learn about yourself and about your actions and your reactions in certain situations of life. Primarily it was very positive for me to have a look at some of my own problematic issues and to work on them, only in that way you can make progress and convey the experienced. My current motto is: Let go so that something new can come! Here a big thank you again for my personal, positive further development!
Best wishes, Sabine

Frank Marx, Board Member (Marketing)

A lot of praise for you, the training to become a Sport Mental Coach was impressing for me and inspired me at the same time. Radical changes with an uncertain ending are always exciting, the same goes for my professional and private new orientation.

Creating a fresh, newly considered definition of location with all consequences, a sudden awareness of fields of previously unaware self-obstruction and the effect it had on others had a surprisingly liberating effect and it has initiated a strong, positive wish to immediately implement and change it.
I already began the day after the seminar and I consider the fact that the changes have already been noticed by my environment to be very astonishing.
The multitude of newly gained “tools” are a true enhancement of the available experience and have provided me with new views/perspectives about staff management and support. “It takes a rough sea to show a tough captain” is an old English proverb and especially in these hard times this proverb regains its old and now current meaning. The captain needs a good team! For calling up top performance the macro-cycle in economy always has to be passed through again. So much can/could be done, fine-tuned training, coaching of individuals or teams or management/personality seminars. Antje, you have got the knowledge, the talent, the “heart” and the gift to set free previously unknown, hidden performance potential and I can involve you in my future work and recommend you without any reservations.
Best wishes, Frank

Werner Siess

I have received my message in the bottle from Rosenheim at the weekend (Note: every participant writes a letter to himself at the end of the seminar, which will be sent to him/her 4 weeks after the seminar) and I was very happy about that.
My last month was very productive and I have already started to tackle all the targets. I have also successfully integrated the schedule of the coaching with my clients in the hotel.
Many thanks for the super seminar!

Nici Böhm

I’ll go home now with a head full of ideas. At the weekend I was able to internalize a few known points and soak up a lot of new knowledge like a sponge.  After numerous other seminars I went home totally exhausted but today I’m actually bubbling over with new findings and I would like to implement them immediately. Many thanks – I’m looking forward to the next time!

Ina Fischer

I am very enthused about your seminar on 19.7.08 as I have discovered many parallels to the field of sports but also to my job.
As a member of the national team Goalball Ladies I have been aware of that problem with mental training for years. Without excellent mental training we would not have become world champions and European champions. (EC: 2005, WC: 2007)