Every audience is different and unique

A variety of target groups can be found in my presentation audience, depending on the individual topic. I talk in front of board members and executives, in front of staff members and customers, national coaches and top athletes. I am booked by clubs, associations, companies as well as private contractual partners, above all from the fields of business, health and sports.

No matter whether I’m dealing with a top executive or a manager, an interested private person or an athlete, I appreciate and respect each one of them and I have the target of picking up and reaching as many people as possible with my topics for all my presentation consignments. I want to provide you with positive impulses for your job, everyday life, your sports and your life.

I concentrate on specific key topics depending on the individual audience and talk true-to-life about my practical experience as I believe that the audience can get the highest benefit in that way. Conveying hands on knowledge and benefit, in my opinion, is the true aim of any presentation. I would like my audience to go home with the feeling to have well invested their time in the presentation, to really take something of value home with them.

My basic attitude as a speaker, like in my seminars and lectures: Every person who sits in the audience in front of me is precious, everybody is okay ( I am okay, you are okay).

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