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More and more companies recognise the value added by coaching and further their employee and team’s career by means of business coaching. Antje Heimsoeth considers coaching to be a highly efficient staff development strategy, which allows a personal, targeted approach to boosting both personal and professional development.

She considers coaching as a solution-, goal- and resource-orientated support of executives, companies, athletes, coaches and teams. The process of coaching runs simultaneously to everyday working life.
Every human has got the resources to master the challenges he is confronted with. Mental coaching aims at exposing these individual potentials, to activate them and make them usable. As companion Heimsoeth accompanies you on your way of finding solutions for challenging situations and special problem contexts. She also helps you to develop new patterns of action, behaviour and thinking if required and supports you to analyse your own role.

Her work reflects her professional-, methodical and social competence and a high degree of life experience, nobleness of the heart, empathy, experience, curiosity and flexibility as well as her ability to recognise emotions. She affects people with her way of thinking and feeling.

As a professional mental coach she knows many methods and techniques due to her numerous qualifications which are suited to realign your focus, discover previously hidden skills of the client by asking the right questions or by giving him impulses and hints. She is the right person to develop new solution approaches for gridlocked problems with the person who is being coached.

Her approach is one with a strong ethical focus where each individual is genuinely accepted for who they are, viewed from a holistic and authentic perspective.

As mental coach Antje Heimsoeth offers the following advantages:

  • Activation of resources, expansion of potential and she strengthens the strengths of individuals or teams (as well as teambuilding activities).
  • Optimisation of performance, high spirits and your personal level of energy.
  • Analysis of the present situation (actual state analysis).
  • Building up mental strengths and resilience.
  • Conveying of new perspectives and solution approaches.
  • Analysis and evaluation of your personal basic desires (on the scientific basis of the Reiss Profile) which will enable you to learn what’s really important for you, what really empowers you (or your team / employees) and what you need to feel happy, confident, satisfied and mentally strong.
  • Development of concrete visions, motivating and precise goals as well as action plans for problem solving and goal attainment. Verbalisation of intermediate goals on the way to your ambitious goal.
  • How to reveal destructive and blocking patterns of behaviour and thinking.
  • Every mental coaching is tailor-made for each client and of highest quality.

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Open dates

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Her topics

  • New orientation of your life in general
  • How to reach self-confidence and inner strengths
  • How to increase your professional efficiency
  • Change of career and / or finding the right job for you
  • How to reach self-employment or work as a freelancer
  • How to reduce anxieties and blockades (of any kind)
  • Enhancement of your professional or financial success

  • Problem solving in case of career related failure
  • How to solve any kind of relationship problems (relationship, family, acquaintances)
  • Analysis of your role as a leader
  • How to abandon beaten paths and your comfort zone
  • How to resolve conflicts with employees and superiors
  • How to overcome motivation gaps and frustration
  • Performance optimization in top-class sport (including the reduction of performance blockades)

Antje Heimsoeth offers you an exceptional and field-tested coaching concept.

Please note that Antje Heimsoeth is a mental coach and not a psychologist or psychotherapist. Please consult a psychological counselling service, a physician or psychologist for the treatment of mental illnesses and dysfunctions. The primary function of mental coaching is to provide assistance in maximising on the strengths, resources and potential of an individual or a team.

You are heartily welcome to arrange a coaching session with Antje Heimsoeth. Please send an email. You can also call us. The first interview with Antje Heimsoeth is free of charge of course.


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